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Saint-Jacques market is an historic building in Montreal. Shops are re-opening gradually. I should be pleased to document the progress, on this website. Currently in the process of doing so.

Marche Saint-Jacques is one of the oldest markets in Canada. Located in Montreal, the Art Deco public market was established in 1872. The market is famous for its fresh farm produce & fruits, traditional food and more importantly for its fresh vegetable stalls. Yet there are also shops and stores. The main purpose of the market is to provide healthy farm produce and foods to locals as well as visitors at affordable prices.

Betty Betty
It was a nice decision reopening the shop.

Gretchen Gretchen
And even better one of re-launching this site.


msj2The market closed doors for several years due to internal management problems and other logistics not clearly known and was converted to a city office.
However, the need to reinstate it back as a public market saw it sold in 2007, to a private developer,  who restored the public market by renovating it thus enabling it to be back in operation.
Some new shops have already been opened which include:
Premiere Moisson which is a bakery shop.
Fromagerie Atwater a cheese shop
La Mer fish shop
Marché Jean-Talon which sells almost everything from Gourmet retailing to farm produce.
There is also a fresh pasta shop, a greengrocer, an olive product store, a coffee shop and a tea shop.

Inside Fromagerie Atwater

Inside Fromagerie Atwater

Jessica Jessica
I salivate at the mention of cheese.

Levi Levi
You need to take a glass of milk because I see no cheese here.

This site was initially established late 2012 and operated through to early 2014. It was established in French with the main purpose of guiding locals who wanted to shop at various Gourmet shops and other farm produce traders in Marche Saint-Jacques after the market was reopened.
Currently the site is under-construction to refresh it with better content and great posts about visit the public market. The site will also have content about travel to Montreal and its environs.

Tyler Tyler
Affordable market? I’m not sure.

Megan Megan
Have you even been there, Tyler?

Betty Betty
Not actually. The pictures look upscale though.